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untitled krisyeol

untitled wolf au krisyeol. it was originally a twitfic i thought of and then was convinced to write. only i suck at life so someone else should take the idea and write it orz.

Chanyeol. That was the name of the small (large) beta currently sinking his teeth into Kris’ shoulder. Kris would feel annoyed if it wasn’t for the suddenness of the act, completely taking him by surprise. He hadn’t known this beta, not personally. He was someone their pack had taken in, a wolf pup that was abandoned by it’s owner. It took a week before Chanyeol backed down enough to accept Kris has his new alpha, and when he had, Kris figured he would have little contact with him, just like he had with all the other strays. (There were few in his pack that Kris selected personally. Joonmyun, his right hand man, had been one. Another was Zitao who was far too eager).

Kris shrugged his shoulder in a poor attempt at shaking the beta off, but it failed. If anything, the action spurred Chanyeol into pressing closer, his nose bumping against his shoulder as he adjusted the angle and bit down again, right into his shoulder blade. Kris sighed.

“Can I help you?” he asked, turning his head to try and peer at the boy over his shoulder. The angle was awkward and uncomfortable, making Kris sigh again before looking back down at the folder in his hands. There was another alpha in town and Kris needed to do his research on him before he went over there to tell him that he was encroaching on Kris’ territory. (Those talks never did seem to end well) Chanyeol, not letting up on his grip, shook his head and blinked his owlish eyes at him. He seemed content to just sit there and gnaw on Kris’ shoulder, watching the other betas as they went about their business.

The pair lapsed into silence, Kris getting sucked back into the recon on the new alpha and Chanyeol doing whatever it was that he was doing. It wasn’t long before Kris forget the other was there at all, and only remembered when Chanyeol finally broke off, gave him a bright, bloody smile, and scampered off.

Kris had just stared after him, blinking twice before shrugging his (sore) shoulder and getting back to work.


Being an alpha meant Kris had certain perks that the others didn’t have. One of them being his own private bedroom with a bathroom attached. It was his sacred place, where he went when he wanted peace and quiet, where he went to get away from his loud and rambunctious betas. It was his sanctuary.

It was also occupied.

Kris blinked his tired eyes, rubbing at them once to try to dispel the image he was seeing. Chanyeol, the weird beta, was laying at the foot of his bed. He had curled himself up into a small ball, a feat Kris would’ve been impressed with if he hadn’t been in his bed. He was sound asleep from the look of it, his mouth opened partially as he let out small huffs of breath. Every few moments he’d make a small snoring sound, or a whimper, before lapsing back into silence again.

Kris wasn’t sure how long he had stood there before he finally moved, sighing as he pulled his shirt up and over his head before tossing it to the floor. He finished undressing and changed into his sleeping pants before carefully climbing into bed, trying his best not to wake up the sleeping beta. It was difficult, and the position he ended up in wasn’t the most comfortable, but it wasn’t long before his exhausted body relaxed. The sound of Chanyeol’s quiet breathing lulled him to sleep.

If he woke up better rested than he had in months, no one had to know.


The other alpha was moving further into Kris’ territory, leaving a trail of bodies along the way. It seemed as if he took Kris’ threats of violent action lightly, going so far as to laugh in the face of one of Kris’ more... excitable betas. Jongin had ended up with claw marks across his chest, leaving him mostly incapacitated until the wounds healed. (“What the fuck, why am I not healed already?!” “Jongin, you got attacked by an alpha. They’ll going to take a little longer.” “This is bullsh-” “Jongin.” “Fine.”)

To say Kris was annoyed would be putting it lightly, and he quickly went from laidback alpha to strategic military general alpha, barking out orders and making sure his pack was doing their jobs. Training had been raised, the hours longer and harder than they were previously. He made everyone took shifts patrolling their line of territory.

He was sitting in his office with Joonmyun when Chanyeol appeared. It was obvious that he had just woken up judging by the way he was rubbing at his eyes and yawning. The shirt he wore was loose and hung off of one shoulder and Kris instantly recognized it was the one he had worn the previous day. There were a few red blotches along the collar of it, and upon further inspection, he could see dried blood at the corner of Chanyeol’s mouth. Kris had to bite his tongue to keep from yelling at the boy.

He tried to ignore him, slipping easily back into the conversation he was having about what they were going to do about the other alpha, but Chanyeol made it obvious that he wanted Kris’ attention. He seemed slipped easily onto the floor, curling up near Kris’ feet before opening his mouth wide and clamping down on Kris’ ankle. The sudden forcefulness of it had Kris jerking, a surprised “ow!” leaving his lips as he slammed his knee into the corner of his desk. He looked down at the tired beta, his expression angry, but upon seeing him half asleep, it faded away to mild annoyance.

Sighing, Kris resigned himself to another day of this embarrassment, shaking his head before looking at Joonmyun with pleading eyes. The other seemed amused by what was taking place, a small smile on his face as he struggled to reign in his laughter. Kris glared.

Reaching down in an attempt to pry Chanyeol, Kris was startled again when the supposedly sleeping beta gripped his arm and yanked it down, teeth sinking into his wrist and clicking against his bones.

Joonmyun couldn’t hold in his laughter at the sight of Kris hunched over with a beta gnawing on his arm. Kris threw a pencil at him.


“Maybe he’s teething.”

“Excuse me?”


“Who? What are you talking about, Kyungsoo.”

“Chanyeol. Everyone knows that he comes up to you and bites you at random times. Maybe he’s teething.”

Kris tried not to flush, embarrassed that his pack knew that it was happening. “He’s not a newborn, he can’t be.”

“No, but he’s still a freshly turned wolf. He’s not used to having his fangs yet. The pressure of them is probably driving him insane, which is why he bites.”

“Even so, why me?”

Kyungsoo shrugged, a smirk dancing at the corner of his lips. It was the look he gave when he knew something the other person didn’t. Kris hated that look.

“You’re his alpha, Kris. Why not you?”


Kris was in his office again, carefully looking over maps of their town and the surrounding areas, trying to determine where he should expand his territory to next. He didn’t look up when he heard the door open, figuring it was just Kyungsoo bringing him a cup of coffee or a sandwich to tide him over until dinner. However, when nothing was placed on his desk, he looked up to find Chanyeol standing there. He had a rabbit hanging from his mouth, it’s blood staining his chin and bleeding into his shirt. Upon realizing that Kris noticed him, he stepped forward and bent over the desk, releasing the dead animal and plopping it down directly on the map. Kris stared down at it in mild disgust.

“What is this--”

“I caught you a rabbit!” Chanyeol said, his deep voice a stark contrast to his young face. It surprised Kris every time he heard it.

“I...see that. But why.”

“Don’t you like it?”

Kris snapped his head up instantly, knowing that tone. The smile that was on Chanyeol’s face had faded into a slight frown, his eyebrows pulled together in worry. He looked like someone had just told him his turtle had died. Standing quickly, Kris rounded the desk and placed his large hands on Chanyeol’s shoulders, making the boy look up at him. He looked...hopeful. Kris felt his insides churn.

“I love it, Chanyeol-” Before the words had even left his mouth, the boy had lit up like a christmas tree, his smile wide and teeth bright, even if they were stained with blood. His eyes had almost disappeared with the force of his smile, and in an instant he had latched his arms around Kris’ torso and squeezed. The only thing Kris could do in response was carefully place a hand on the top of his head, ruffling the messy hair lightly and patting it until the boy let go and practically skipped out of his room.

Kris looked up to find Jongdae and Joonmyun standing in the hallway, snickering and smiling to themselves. Kris growled and slammed the door shut.

Looking down he realized his shirt was covered in blood and his maps were ruined. He growled again.


It had been two weeks since Chanyeol last bit him, and it had been even longer since he had found the boy randomly asleep in his room. If he was being honest with himself, he’d say that he missed the young beta, but instead he chose to ignore it and focus on the tasks at hand. It wasn’t long before he finished all of his work for the day, leaving him with a few hours to kill until dinner was ready. He decided to go see how training was going, now that he had the time to observe. He usually left Minseok alone in these matters, knowing the older man had more experience in that department than he did.

Stepping out into the field, it wasn’t long before Kris’ eyes found Chanyeol. He was sparring with another young beta, a stray like himself, Baekhyun. The two seemed to enjoy one another’s company, their moves more playful than many of the others. Kris held back a smile. He was content to watch silently.

It wasn’t long before he noticed something was up. Minseok had allowed them a few minutes to break so they could hydrate themselves, and Jongin had used the time to slip easily over to where Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Luhan were talking. Sehun wasn’t far behind. Instantly, Kris’ senses kicked in and he focused his listening on the area. Normally he would leave it alone, giving the betas their privacy, but Jongin was a troublemaker, even to this day.

“Hey, stray. When are you gonna stop sucking up to Kris?”

“Jongin, please. Not today.” Baekhyun sighed, stepping between the two.

“It’s fine, Baek.” Chanyeol placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder and offered him a smile before looking back at Jongin. “I’m not sucking up to him. I’m just being nice.”

“You keep giving him dead animals like some sort of freak. He doesn’t need you to hunt for him, you know.”

“I was just--”

“Just what? Honestly, it’s like you have some sort of crush on the guy.” Jongin scoffed, glancing away from Chanyeol before noticing the blush that had covered his cheeks. “No way! You totally have the hots for him, don’t you?”

“It’s not like that--”

“The hell it isn’t! It makes so much sense now. Good on you, stray. Trying to seduce the big man. Takes a lot of balls to do that.”

“Jongin, please.” Luhan cut in, stepping forward and placing a firm hand on his chest. The two shared a look, one Kris knew was Luhan asserting his rank over Jongin before the younger slowly backed down. Not without a sneer, though.

“You should quit while you’re ahead, stray,” Jongin said, taking a step back. Minseok was calling for everyone to pair up again. “He’s never gonna fall for you.”

Kris could feel the wolf inside him tensing up, struggling to push forward and take control of the body. He was angry that Jongin had said such things to Chanyeol, angry that anyone was treating him like that. He knew he was slowly losing control and turned to leave, but not without catching Chanyeol’s eye. The beta was scared, Kris could smell it from here. His sense were on high alert. He had to rip his eyes away from the other’s before it was too late.


Kris couldn’t punish Jongin, not without people knowing what had happened. Instead, he assigned him more chores than he already had and longer training hours, and when Jongin had started to protest, Kris had let his wolf come forward a little, his eyes bleeding crimson. Jongin had bowed down instantly, the wolf inside him knowing he wasn’t strong enough to disrespect an alpha, even if the human side of him thought he was.

Chanyeol was still avoiding him, only it was more obvious this time. He knew that Kris had heard what Jongin had said, knew of his “crush”. So he made himself scarce. It annoyed Kris to no end. He knew he could just order Chanyeol to see him, that the wolf inside the boy wouldn’t be able to say no even if he wanted to, but Kris wasn’t that kind of alpha. He wanted his pack to be close, to trust one another. He didn’t like lording his superiority over them.

Kris let Chanyeol keep up this game of cat and mouse for a month before he finally got sick of it. His wolf was exhausted from the recent run under the full moon. He was sore and irritated and he just wanted to be able to sleep, but couldn’t without the younger boy there. It was late, everyone asleep and resting. Kris crept out of his room and down the hall, searching for the room Chanyeol shared with Baekhyun. He knocked softly before opening the door and peering inside. Baekhyun was sound asleep on his bed, snoring softly. Chanyeol, it seemed, was still awake. When he noticed Kris standing there, his eyes widened in surprise and he looked quickly over to Baekhyun, almost as if he was looking for help. Kris glared.

As quietly as he could, he stalked over to Chanyeol and snatched his wrist, pulling until he got up off the bed. Chanyeol tried to protest, whispering harshly as to not wake up his roommate, but Kris just simply tugged on his arm and dragged him out of the room. He didn’t stop until he got to his room, shoving the boy in and closing the door behind him.

“Kris what--”

“You’ve been avoiding me.”

“What, no, of course not--!”

“Don’t lie to me, Chanyeol.” Kris snapped, crossing his arms over his chest. Chanyeol averted his eyes, rubbing at the reddened skin where Kris’ grip was. He was pouting, acting like a petulant child. Kris was too tired to deal with it.

“Get in bed.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Bed. Get it in it.” Kris sighed, pressing a hand to his forehead. He could feel a headache coming on.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea--”

“Chanyeol.” Kris snapped, the growl just barely kept out of his voice. Chanyeol jumped at the tone and nodded, easily slipping underneath the covers and pulling them up to his chin. Kris sighed out a thank you and followed after, turning so he was facing the young beta. It was dark in the room, but Kris could easily make out Chanyeol’s form. Sniffing once, Kris scented him and found the other boy was nervous. Kris tried not to sigh again. Instead, he just shifted forward, draping a long arm over Chanyeol’s torso and tugging him close. He pressed his nose against his temple, breathing in Chanyeol’s scent. He felt the wolf inside him calm down, could see it stop pacing before it curled up, content. Kris hummed in satisfaction and nudged just a bit closer, smiling softly against his ear.


“Yes, Chanyeol?”

“You know that I like you, right?” Chanyeol’s tone was unsure and quiet in the dark room. Kris simply hummed in response, feeling himself relax further and further into the sheets, sleep not far off. “Do you... Do you like me too?”

The question caught him off guard. He figured the answer was obvious enough. Kris doesn’t cuddle with just anyone, but Chanyeol was nervous and tense beside him. Pushing himself up so he was hovering over the other, Kris stared down at him for a few moments, watching the shifting emotions in the younger’s eyes. Kris thought of a million things he could say, all of them sounded stupid in his mind. So, instead of speaking, he simply leaned down and caught Chanyeol’s lips in a chaste kiss. When he pulled away, he could feel Chanyeol’s blush, the heat of it radiating off of him in waves. “Does that answer your question?” Kris asked, raising a single eyebrow. Chanyeol nodded quickly, owlish eyes blinking rapidly up at him. “Good, can we sleep now?” Chanyeol nodded again.

Smiling, Kris laid back down and got comfortable again. Chanyeol had shifted to laying on his side, clearly content with being the little spoon. He didn’t protest when Kris’ arms wrapped around him and tugged him close to his chest, the sheets bunched up at their waists. They both fell asleep quickly wearing matching smiles.

It was the best sleep Kris had ever had.

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