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another untitled krisyeol wolf au because damnit IT'S PERFECT.
someone please stop me before it consumes my whole life.

kris really doesn’t know why he puts up with him.

chanyeol has settled into the pack nicely, fitting in snuggly even though kris had his reservations about it. (to be fair, chanyeol was strange from the get-go, and with jongin being so stand-offish with him, it hadn’t helped the new giant settle in) he was an essential part of the pack now. him being the youngest (in wolf years) meant that he was also closest to humanity. he still knew what it was like to be human, to not have a beast lying in wait underneath their skin, ready to strike at any moment. because of this, he came in handy when there were accidents, or slip ups. or if a human stumbled upon their secret, or thought they had, he’d convince them that it wasn’t true. “werewolves don’t exist, don’t be ridiculous.” (kris didn’t like the look he got in his eye when chanyeol said that. it reminded him that all of this was thrusted on the young boy without his consent. he didn’t choose this. he didn’t want this)

regardless of how well he fits in, kris still feels the pinpricks of irritation dance on his skin whenever he’s stuck alone in a room with him. the boy is far too loud, something he doesn’t need to be considering they all have enhanced hearing. he still hasn’t learned to use his inside voice--as minseok calls it--and it’s just one on the list of many things chanyeol hasn’t learned. he’s still a poor hunter; long limbs awkward and uncomfortable. he makes too much noise in the brush when he runs, scaring away any animals they might find within a hundred miles. he crashes into trees when he doesn’t pay attention and ends up injuring himself more often than not. he’s a pain in kris’ neck, but for some reason they all love him anyway.

still, kris thinks, he’s settled into his new form nicely. he has almost no pain now when he shifts, and it’s more fluid. his wolf has learned to trust his human and rarely ever pushes forward (unless the pack is threatened. if that happens, it’s almost impossible to calm him down) he knows what not to do in public, and can control himself around the scent of blood. he’s stable, now. and it only took him three months. (kris is thankful that he’s finally settled. the first full moons were particularly rough on chanyeol, worse than any kris had seen before. it’s not something he ever wants to witness again)

there are some things that he hasn’t shaken, though. things he should’ve stopped doing a long time ago. he still bites, only now it’s not just strictly kris he uses as a chew toy. he can control the urge, slightly, and if kris isn’t around he’ll use whoever is closest as a pincushion. he doesn’t hurt them, not anymore. some even tolerate it. (like kyungsoo, for example. he’ll let chanyeol sink his canines right into the flesh of his shoulder and they’ll stay like that for many minutes. sometimes he’d even pet chanyeol while it happened. the sight was strange, but kris wrote it off as a pack thing)

however, even if it has become the norm, it’s still annoying.

kris sighs for the third time, making sure it’s deep and drawn out. noticeable. chanyeol’s close, pressed up against kris’ left side, watching over his shoulder as kris reads through an old text about witches. he’s got one hand resting on kris’ shoulder, the other wrapped loosely around his back and hanging off his other shoulder. kris would be fine if the beta was simply hanging off of him, but instead, chanyeol had opened his mouth and sunk his teeth right into his nape. kris could still feel the blood sluggishly trickling out of the holes and into chanyeol’s mouth. every so often the boy was lap at the wound, humming in delight when kris’ blood touched his tongue. whenever that happened, kris would shiver despite himself and shoot a glare over his shoulder, only to find chanyeol looking up at him with his eyes wide and shimmering gold. (kris hated when that happened. hated how his wolf reacted to seeing it, knowing that chanyeol had finally, finally accepted what he was and embraced it. hated how his chest swelled with pride and a mix of something else, something he didn’t really want to name or acknowledge)

swallowing, kris sighed again. he felt a rush of air across his neck and he furrowed his brows, confused. a second later, chanyeol had dislodged himself from kris’ back and laughed, a husky, satisfied sound. kris glanced at him over his shoulder, raising one meticulously plucked eyebrow at him in questioning. chanyeol laughed again. his lips were stained. kris swallowed again.



kris glared. “what about me?”

chanyeol just grinned, big and wide before shaking his head and licking at his teeth, cleaning them. “you’re just so... so...” he said, waving one hand absentmindedly while he searched for the word.

“so, what, chanyeol?”


the look on kris’ face must’ve been amusing because it sent chanyeol into another fit of laughter, his shoulders shaking from the force of it. kris could feel the irritation crawling up his skin, could feel his wolf pacing back and forth, not appreciating being laughed at.

sensing the change, chanyeol stopped laughing and composed himself. he stood up straighter, clearing his throat before looking down and to the right. his stance was familiar; his shoulders slumped and his head low. submission. kris’ wolf practically purred in delight at the sight of it.

“sorry, i just--”

“don’t worry about it,” kris muttered, turning to look back at the book in his hands. he waited for chanyeol to reattach himself, or to drape himself across his alpha and nose his way into kris’ business, but it never came. kris tried not to let it distract him, but it was quickly evident that the sudden space between the two wasn’t going to let him relax.

glancing over his shoulder, he saw chanyeol standing in the same place. his head was still low, only he was looking up at kris through his lashes. there was a flash of something there, but it disappeared before kris could figure out what it was. he was fidgeting, playing with his fingers. sniffing, kris could smell the beta’s nervousness.

every time kris would try to catch the younger’s eyes, chanyeol would quickly glance away to look at the floor, his shoes, his hands, the wall. anything but at kris. it was another one of his annoying traits, something that time still hasn’t fixed. kris hated it.

“chanyeol,” his voice was low, the slight rumble from his wolf just barely hidden. the boy tensed up instantly, his hands stilling before dropping to hang loosely at his side. he slowly looked up at kris. he seemed ready to be scolded, but instead kris just turned his chair fully to face the other and frowned. “what’s wrong.”

chanyeol’s head had snapped up instantly, the look on his face comical. he was clearly surprised that kris wasn’t scolding him (even though kris really did want to. chanyeol needed to grow up, to stop acting like this. it was getting ridiculous. every time kris wanted to call him out on it, something stilled his tongue) “what?”

sighing for the upteenth time that hour, kris marked his page and closed the book, leaving it in his lap. he gave chanyeol his no bullshit look (the very same that jongdae laughed at whenever he saw it, the insufferable idiot) and spoke, “something’s clearly wrong or you’d be attaching yourself to my hip right now. so what is it?”

chanyeol instantly flushed, his cheeks turning bright red. he looked down at his feet again and kicked lightly at the carpet, not wanting to speak. kris cleared his throat, causing chanyeol to stiffen again and open his mouth, “sorry, i was--sorry it was funny, that you were getting so huffy. i didn’t think you were actually upset and clearly i’ve crossed a line and hadn’t meant to and--”

“chanyeol,” kris grit out, annoyed the beta was still so unsure of himself and where he stood with the alpha. he placed his hand against his forehead, pressing lightly to alleviate the pressure there before crossing his arms over his chest. “you’re fine. you didn’t cross any lines, alright? you were just... distracting me. that’s it.” he watched chanyeol for his reaction, noticing how instantly he seemed to relax and his smile return. kris could easily smell the happiness radiating off of the boy, something he still wasn’t used to even though it happened nearly every time he spoke to the other.

after staring at chanyeol for what he was sure was an uncomfortable amount of time, he turned back towards his desk and lifted up the book, opening up where he left off and placing it on the flat surface. he waited for chanyeol to move again, but when nothing happened, he closed his eyes tightly and grit his teeth. “you don’t have to just stand there,” he muttered, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice.

he picked up where he left off in the book, frowning as he read about hex bags and what each of them meant, when he felt the boy move behind him. instead of sinking his teeth back into kris’ neck, he dropped to his knees to the left of kris’ chair and shuffled closer before sitting down on his heels. kris watched him out of the corner of his eye, eyebrow raised as he waited for chanyeol to do whatever it is he wanted to do.

the young boy looked conflicted, glancing between kris’ arm and the desk and back down to the floor, before he sucked up whatever courage he had and dipped his head, sliding it right under kris’ arm and pressing his chin (none-too-gently) on his alpha’s thigh and peered up at him. his eyes were fading back to that bright gold that they were whenever he let his wolf come forward, and kris couldn’t resist it if he wanted to.

after staring at the boy for a few moments, trying to understand what he wanted, kris rolled his eyes and sat up better in his chair, allowing the boy to get comfortable on kris’ thigh. chanyeol nuzzled into to clothed flesh, a small smile tugging at his lips.

not wanting to let his arm hang loose by his side, and knowing it would be uncomfortable if he rested it on his desk, kris did the next best thing. he pushed his fingers through the mess of hair on chanyeol’s head, scratching lightly at his scalping and rubbing it gently. chanyeol made a satisfied noise, his eyes a more brilliant shade of gold, and pressed his face further onto kris’ thigh. he draped his long arms across kris’ lap, letting them hang off the other side of the chair, and made himself comfortable. kris watched him for a few moments, not stopping his hand on the boy’s head. he’d carefully thread his fingers through the short dark locks and scrape lightly until he got to the boy’s nape. he would rub carefully at the spot there, trying to contain his smile as chanyeol made another rumbly-pleased sort of noise.

kris went back to his book, not stopping his ministrations once. it wasn’t long before chanyeol fell asleep, slumped against the side of kris’ chair and head pillowed in his alpha’s lap. every so often, kris would steal glances at the sleeping boy, watching his relaxed features as he dreamt. every so often he’d let his hand drift close to his face, smoothing a finger over the crease in chanyeol’s forehead or across an eyebrow before his hand would venture back into the incredibly soft hair on his head. he found himself thinking about how young chanyeol still was, how childish and innocent he could be. he could feel the wolf inside him bristle at the thought of the young wolf coming to harm, either by accident or not, and kris just sighed again, relaxing back against his chair, book long since forgotten.

his last thought before he fell asleep with chanyeol warm in his lap was, i don’t know why i put up with him.

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