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untitled chansoo aye~

i woke up today thinking "i think i'll write krisyeol!" and... this... happened instead. coughs.
it's an offshot of a possible future fic me and arashijun might write. it's wolf au, considering i'm fucking addicted to that au (thank you teen wolf for preparing me for this) so..yeah. it's pretty much gross fluff (it was gonna be grosser but sammy saved me from that embarrassment thank the lord for her) i changed my idea in the middle of writing it so. (also lost my sanity half way through but u kno)
sammy helped me with a lot of it because i literally spent all day on this and so many distractions oh my god BUT IT'S DONE (you should see the skype conversation ffs)
this is really for natsudive because i love her dearly and she's evil for making me ship things i don't want to ship (and then saying WRITE IT)

“You smell funny,”

Chanyeol huffs, sending a rush of warm breath across Kyungsoo’s bare chest. It tickles, and he finds himself wriggling on the bed, but the arm draped across his stomach just grips tighter and the head on his shoulder shuffles closer. Kyungsoo tries not to smile, pursing his lips in a pout even though the other can’t see it.

“No, really. You smell weird,” he tries again, turning his head slightly to stare down at the mop of messy black hair. It needed a cut, he mused quietly, it was getting too long. Shrugging his shoulder in a half-hearted attempt to dislodge the sleeping man, Kyungsoo couldn’t contain his grin when Chanyeol let out a frustrated groan (more of a whine really) and leaned backwards, looking up at Kyungsoo’s (smug) face blearily. He squints in the dark room, seeing but not really seeing the other, before groaning again and rolling over. He grabs the extra pillow and bunches it under his head, scrunching up his nose in irritation at being awoken.

“Alright, I’ll bite,” he mutters, cracking a small grin at his own joke. When he looks up at Kyungsoo’s decidedly unamused face (he’d heard that joke about a thousand times, by now) he sighs and slumps fully on the bed, closing his eyes. Kyungsoo nudges him with his elbow before shifting to lay on his side. They’re quiet for a moment, Kyungsoo just watching the other in silence, before Chanyeol sighs again and shuffles closer to the smaller man’s heat. “What do I smell like?” If it wasn’t for Kyungsoo’s heightened senses, he probably wouldn’t have even heard the question.

He hums in thought, carefully carding his fingers through Chanyeol’s hair, scratching lightly at his scalp and smiling when Chanyeol leans into the touch. After a beat of silence, he says, “Sweet,” and then pauses. He thinks about the word for a second, staring up and off to the side in thought. Chanyeol blinks open one eye to stare at him questioningly, catching Kyungsoo’s gaze and blushing at the look he sees there. Kyungsoo makes a face at him before continuing. “Kind of like candy apples, the ones made from granny smiths instead of the reds.” He swats lazily at Chanyeol’s shoulder when he snorts at the analogy. “Sweet, but sour.”

“That makes no sense,” Chanyeol mumbles, adjusting the arm he has around Kyungsoo’s waist. He brushes his thumb across the skin of his hip, pressing the tips of his fingers lightly into Kyungsoo’s skin and grinning when he squirms. “I thought you’d say I’d smell gross considering we did just have sex.” Kyungsoo’s the one who blushes at that, and he dips his head to nose at Chanyeol’s neck.

“Now that you mention it, you do stink.” He says, scrunching up his nose in mock distaste before pressing a soft kiss to Chanyeol’s shoulder. “I’m being serious, though. This is the first time you’ve...smelled like this. You’re not sick are you?”

Chanyeol shakes his head, amused. "Pretty sure sick people don't smell sweet. You would know best." He reaches his free hand up, the one that was lying limply between their bodies and pokes at Kyungsoo's nose.

Kyungsoo wrinkles it in distaste, and attempts to bite at the finger, but misses, mostly on purpose. "Not true. I stopped at a hospital one time to visit a sick friend and everything smelled sweet. Like, citrus or something. And it wasn’t from the cleaning supplies.” He paused in thought, widening his eyes comically as he looked at Chanyeol. “Unless you’ve got some new sort of disease, one that hasn’t be discovered yet. Maybe you’re the new Patient Zero.”

Chanyeol laughs, leaning down to muffle the noise against the pillow case. "You're being over dramatic. I'm sure it's nothing, really. I feel fine.” His smile turns sly. “Except for my ass, of course. Someone was a little feisty-”

God” Kyungsoo groans, shoving at him half heartedly. "You’re disgusting. I’m trying to be serious here." he huffs out, glancing back at Chanyeol. When he sees the smug look, he rolls his eyes in response and flops to lay on his back. The pair fall silent, Kyungsoo sulking while Chanyeol tried to smother his laughter, burying his face in the pillow and looking up at Kyungsoo’s profile with an amused glint in his eye.

When the laughter (finally) subsides, Kyungsoo chances a look over at the other, raking his eyes over the now-fully awake boy. The smell wasn’t exactly sudden. He started noticing it a few weeks prior, just a small little scent that mixed in with the rest of Chanyeol’s natural musk (he learned not to wear cologne, and usually wears unscented deodorant as most of it irritates Kyungsoo’s nose). It had grown, though. It was starting to overpower everything else, making itself known and distracting Kyungsoo more than usual. He had worried at first, scared that maybe Chanyeol had fallen ill like a lot of humans were prone to do, but it didn’t smell like sickness usually smelled. He had started scenting the boy more often, subtle sniffs here and there as he tried to discern what was going on. He still hadn’t found anything that could explain it.

“You’re not pregnant, right?” Kyungsoo asks suddenly, feeling ridiculous as soon as the words left his mouth. Chanyeol snorts, a surprised “what?!” easily heard between the laughter. Kyungsoo shot a half hearted glare across the bed towards him, feeling himself blush.

“No, Kyungsoo. I’m not.” Chanyeol manages to choke out, rolling onto his back and covering his mouth in a poor attempt to calm down. Kyungsoo swats at his thigh through the covers. “It’s not physically possible, for one.”

“Shut up, I wasn’t thinking when I said it.”


Kyungsoo glares again. Chanyeol doesn’t even try to contain his amusement.

“I just--Ugh” Kyungsoo groans, rolling onto his stomach and pulling the pillow over his head, trying to hide from his embarrassment. The laughter isn’t as loud now, no longer ringing in his ears, but the bed is still shaking. A moment later, a warm arm slowly slips around his back, fingers brushing against his spine, before Chanyeol’s bare chest presses against his side. Kyungsoo nudges him with his elbow and refuses to remove the pillow, content to wallow. Chanyeol kisses his shoulder blade in response.

“Hey, it’s okay, Soo.” he mutters, placing another kiss on his shoulder. Kyungsoo could feel his grin against his skin, and he flushes brighter, thankful Chanyeol couldn’t see him. “You’re worried, it’s cute.” Another kiss. Kyungsoo wriggles around just to be annoying. “I wouldn’t lie to you, though. Really, I feel fine. Nothing’s wrong, nothing’s changed.” Another kiss, this time to the back of Kyungsoo’s neck, and he shivers. He lets Chanyeol lift the pillow from his head and allows him to roll him over, until he’s hovering mere inches from Kyungsoo’s face.

Kyungsoo, ever the skeptical, squints as he peers up at Chanyeol, whose grin is still bordering on smug, before pursing his lips into a pout. Chanyeol leans forward, pressing a quick kiss to the tip of his nose and laughs when Kyungsoo mutters, “disgusting.” He leans down, resting his head on Kyungsoo’s chest again and humming in thought, drawing invisible doodles on Kyungsoo’s stomach.

“Maybe it’s not me,” he says, voice considerably lower. He’ll be asleep soon. “Maybe it’s you.” Kyungsoo snorts, folding one arm under his head and using the other to flick weakly at Chanyeol’s ear. “Ow! I’m being serious! Maybe your nose is broken.”

“My nose isn’t broken” Kyungsoo huffs, rolling his eyes. “That’s as ridiculous as...” He trails off, a quiet “huh” leaving his lips as he tilts his head on the pillow, peering up at the ceiling.

“Ridiculous as what? You thinking I was pregnant?” Chanyeol’s laugh vibrates against Kyungsoo’s chest and he briefly glances down at him, offering a soft smile when he flicks his ear again. “Seriously, though. It might not be broken but maybe it’s... confused? Can a nose be confused?” He pauses. “Whatever, you’re the one saying I smell sweet. Do you know how creepy it is when you do that?”

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes. “It’s not creepy,” he says. “It would be if I was saying it in public. Human noses can’t pick up scents like that, so yeah that’d be creepy.” He runs a hand through Chanyeol’s hair again, messing it up even more than before, causing the short strands to stand in different directions. “I don’t know though. What could it be?”

Chanyeol leans up a bit, bringing his face closer to Kyungsoo’s. He kisses his nose, even though Kyungsoo always makes a face about that. “Maybe it means I’m like your mate or something,” he says, clearly joking if the laugh that runs through him is any indication.

“Now who is being creepy?” Kyungsoo pretends to be annoyed, displeased even, but it is kind of amusing and he finds himself chuckling as well. “I don’t think it works like that, mates I mean.”

“How would you know though?” Chanyeol asks, tilting his head just a bit. When his hair was longer and shaggy, Kyungsoo thought he looked like a puppy when he did this. “It’s not as if you’ve always been like this.”

“No, but I have been long enough now. It should be something... obvious, shouldn’t it? If it’s such a big thing, you’d think it’d be easy to tell.” He sighs, smoothing his hand down Chanyeol’s hair and across his forehead and laughing when he makes a face at him. He ruffles his hair again just to spite him.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Kyungsoo raises a brow at him before Chanyeol continues. “Like, it’s not that much different from humans, right? We can’t always tell when we meet someone who’s our soulmate or whatever.” He moves his hands in the air as he talks, a mess of limbs that distract Kyungsoo, before he rests them down by his sides.

Kyungsoo gives him a look that says “go on”, so he sighs and sits up, turning so he can look down at Kyungsoo. The sheets barely cover anything and Kyungsoo has to focus on Chanyeol’s face instead of further south because this conversation is important, damn it.

“Like, okay, when you meet a person, you don’t automatically know that they’re your soulmate, right? Hell, when you first meet someone, you don’t know if you’re going to have a relationship with them in the future.” He’s getting animated as he talks, the sleepiness in his eyes disappearing rapidly. Kyungsoo tries not to grin, and chooses instead to reach out and grip at Chanyeol’s hips, holding him steady. “So, why should it be any different for wolves?” He pauses, flushing lightly. “Werewolves, sorry.” Kyungsoo just nods.

“They say that wolves mate for life or whatever, and I believe it. They’re like penguins in that way. But it’s not like they’re born knowing who their mate is, right? They meet another wolf and... scope them out, or whatever. They see if the wolf is a suitable mate. Good hunters or gatherers, good with pups, I don’t know. The scent helps, too.” Chanyeol gives Kyungsoo a pointed look. Kyungsoo sticks his tongue out at him. “There’s all these factors that go into choosing a mate, so it takes time. Feelings develop, or something.”

When Chanyeol finishes, he scratches at the back of his head and looks off to the side, sheepish. Kyungsoo can hear the blood rushing in the other’s body, and can smell his embarrassment on him. He grins, tugging lightly on Chanyeol’s hips until the taller boy falls, placing his hands on either side of Kyungsoo’s head to keep from crushing him.

“You researched, didn’t you.” Chanyeol’s blush deepens and Kyungsoo laughs, bright and loud. Chanyeol tries to swat at him, but he almost falls and has to quickly place his hand back down on the pillow. He huffs in Kyungsoo’s face in retaliation.

“My friend got attacked by a wolf and became a werewolf, you’re damn right I researched.” He shifts, moving his leg so he’s straddling Kyungsoo instead. Kyungsoo reattaches his hands to Chanyeol’s hips and squeezes once.

“Your friend?”

Chanyeol glares. “Yes, my friend. Because at the time that’s all we were.” He sniffs. Kyungsoo laughs again.

“And now? What would you say we are?” he teases, bucking his hips up against Chanyeol’s bare ass and laughs when he slaps his chest.

“Friends with benefits?” Chanyeol pauses, tapping a finger against his chin. “Fuck buddies? Or something gross, like boyfriends? Or, I know,” he gets that devilish look in his eyes again and leans down close to Kyungsoo, whispering in his ear, “Mates

Hearing the word whispered so close to his ear makes him shiver and he shoots a glare at Chanyeol when he sits up, grinning like he just won the lottery. He doesn’t want to admit that he likes the sound of it, the sound of Chanyeol being his for life, but they’ve only been like this for a month or so. It’s too soon to be thinking of anything long term. Plus, even if Chanyeol is joking about it, he could easily be trying to cover his distaste for the idea. (Logically, Kyungsoo knows this is a lie. He’d be able to smell it on him in an instant.)

“I knew you’d like that,” Chanyeol says smugly. “Do you like that idea,” he asks, voice low. “The idea of us as mates?” He whispers it again, just to see Kyungsoo shiver, then laughs.

“You’re impossible.” Kyungsoo slaps him lightly on the thigh.

Still laughing Chanyeol tilts his head. “Then what would you say?”

He bites his lip, thinking for a moment. “You are... my best friend,” he slides his hands up Chanyeol’s thighs, back to his waist. “My lover,” he moves his hands up Chanyeol’s back, “boyfriend,” now to his shoulders, making Chanyeol lean down until their lips are pressed together. “Mine,” Kyungsoo says just before kissing him slowly.

It’s slow and full of everything Kyungsoo feels, how much he cares for Chanyeol, wants Chanyeol, hell, how much he needs Chanyeol. It says more than words ever could, even with it only having the barest slip of tongue.

Chanyeol pulls away first, pressing his forehead to Kyungsoo’s. “You are so disgusting,” he says, huffing out a laugh. “And you call me gross.”

He laughs in response. “You are. I’m just answering your question.”

“Yeah, by being a total sap about it,” he leans in and kisses Kyungsoo again. “Didn’t know becoming a werewolf made you so receptible to feelings.”

Kyungsoo snorts. “Would you rather I call you my mate, then go on in detail about all the ways I’m going to have you?”

“Whatever gets you going.” He smirks. Chanyeol grinds his hips against Kyungsoo’s once, pointedly. “But first,” he kisses Kyungsoo once more, a peck this time, innocent and a contrast to what his hips are doing. “I need some sleep. I don’t have endless energy like you.” Chanyeol flops on the bed next to Kyungsoo, resuming his earlier position of laying his head on Kyungsoo, arm wrapped around his waist, burrowing in close and tangling their legs together.

It doesn’t take long for Kyungsoo to feel Chanyeol’s breath to even out, soft puffs of air against his skin that makes it tingle. His hand ends up in Chanyeol’s hair again, messing with the strands in a soothing gesture, and Chanyeol is asleep in minutes, leaving Kyungsoo to think about things for a while, about their conversation. His wolf makes a sound in approval at the idea of Chanyeol being his mate, his for life, and Kyungsoo has to fight the smile tugging at his lips, pressing his face into Chanyeol’s hair.

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