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sammy's lucky i love her.
written for arashijun
prompt: imagine person b of your otp feels insecure about how they look while trying on new clothes. person a then puts their arms around person b’s waist and tells them how beautiful they are.
2k of dumb gross dumbness that most likely sucks but idc it's 3am w/e

it had been awhile since seunghyun and jonghun had a day to themselves. just themselves. promotions in japan were over and they had flown back to korea to find out that they would be taking a much-needed break for awhile, with the exception of hongki who had a standing date mcing for mcountdown. the first few weeks of their time off, they all spent together. enjoying not having to wake up at ungodly hours to go on radio shows or do performances. most of the time, they got to sleep in.

seunghyun liked spending time with the rest of his group, really. he loved it. he loved them. but he loved jonghun, more, and he wanted to be selfish for once. he wanted to spend the day with jonghun; sleeping, eating, watching movies, acting like idiots. it didn’t matter. sure, he would’ve loved to have morning sex, had been all but ready for it when he woke up wrapped in jonghun’s strong arms and tucked up under his chin, but they had a dormful of bandmates to worry about. so a shopping date was the next best thing.

out of a sense of responsibility, he had asked the others if they wanted to join him and jonghun to a trip down to the department stores. when the remaining three members shook their heads no, claiming they had other responsibilities to tend to (read: lazing around the dorm in their boxers gorging themselves on chips and soda), seunghyun mentally pumped his fist in the air before dragging jonghun out of the dorm, shoving a hat low on his head and a pair of sunglasses over his heads before they left. he was determined to have jonghun all to himself.


their first stop was the cinema, deciding to catch up on whatever they had been missing while they were abroad. they managed to go by unnoticed, seunghyun eternally grateful that they had peace and quiet for once, and decided not to push their luck. they chose the last row in the theater and hunched low in the chairs. all in all, it was a decent start to the day. the movie was okay, not exactly memorable in seunghyun’s eyes, but he had fun just sitting next to jonghun, being able to openly hold his hand or flick popcorn kernels at him, not having to worry about anyone but themselves.

they got a bite to eat after that, stopping into some small mom and pop restaurant that looked like it had seen better days. the food was exceptional, though, so seunghyun couldn’t complain. even when the old man that owned the restaurant kept asking jonghun if his pretty girlfriend liked her meal. seunghyun doesn’t know what he hated more, being referred to as a girl, or being treated like he was some sort of mute. (he wasn’t. he was pretty sure he was the farthest thing from a mute. the look jonghun shot him when he tried to smother his laughter told seunghyun he was thinking the same thing)

things were going good. they hadn’t run into any fans, no swarms of fangirls were getting in the way and stealing jonghun’s attention away from him. things were great. until jonghun pulled seunghyun into a department store and decided to have seunghyun model for him.

“come on, seunghyun,” he said, jutting his bottom lip out into what seunghyun assumes is supposed to be a cute pout as he wrapped his arms loosely around seunghyun’s waist, pulling him closer. “it’s been so long, and they had you put in some weird cowboy crap for promotions.”

seunghyun, forever unable to say no to jonghun, just swallowed around the nervous lump in his throat and nodded, forcing a smile. jonghun pecked him on the cheek in thanks before he started rifling through the racks.


jonghun ended up shoving six entire outfits into seunghyun’s arms before pushing him into the nearest open fitting room, shooting his boyfriend a wide smile before closing the door and effectively trapping seunghyun inside. seunghyun knows, realistically, this shouldn’t get to him so much. he’s an idol, for christ’s sake. he models and parades around in whatever the designers put him in for a living. it shouldn’t make him feel nervous and unsure, fingers shaking and itching to pull the clothes off and slip into something more comfortable, something he was sure looked good on him.

even though he was an idol, even though he had thousands upon thousands of fans always telling him how handsome he was, he never felt that way. it was a terrible thing, he knew, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t help it. he tried to keep it hidden from the others, jonghun most importantly. but over the years it became obvious and seunghyun still hates himself when he remembers the look on jonghun’s face when he told him. it was crushing, worse than any anxiety or disappointment he had ever felt before. he told himself he never wanted to make jonghun make that face again.

and he hadn’t. he’d been good about it, keeping things to himself. being more sure of himself, more accepting. but this? this was sudden. this wasn’t something he was prepared for. he didn’t have time to get into the mindset he needed to be in order to pull this off. not with the way jonghun was whining through the door, telling him to hurry up. “come on, seunghyunnie.”

seunghyun sighed, pursing his lips and frowning at his reflection before slowly tugging his shirt up and over his head. he made a noncommittal noise at jonghun, something along the lines of “shut up, i’m hurrying” before he pulled the first shirt towards him, buttoning it up carefully. he stepped out of his jeans and picked up the pair of khaki shorts in the pile, pulling them on effortlessly. when he finished buttoning them, he looked up and took a step back, eyeing his reflection in the floor length mirror and frowning.

the shirt was nice. it was a deep navy blue button up with studs along the collar. the material was soft and flimsy, and it felt nice on his skin. it was tight, though, and the color didn’t match his skin tone at all. seunghyun felt his stomach roll uncomfortably. it matched the khakis wonderfully though. the outfit isn’t bad, he thought to himself, turning sideways and pulling his bottom lip between his teeth, it just doesn’t look right on me.

he was too caught up in his own head that he hadn’t heard the knob on the door turn, and the next thing he knew there was a warm body pressing up against his back, firm arms slipping around his waist and locking there, a chin digging into his shoulder uncomfortably. he yelped, a particularly unmanly noise, and jumped, arms flailing in an attempt to dislodge what he assumed was a rabid fangirl from his body.

it wasn’t a rabid fangirl. it was jonghun, eyes looking like crescent moons as he smiled at seunghyun through the mirror. seunghyun felt his heart stutter before resuming it’s rapid past, hammering away in his chest. he let out a huff as he sagged against jonghun’s chest, making a face at him in the mirror. “you scared the hell out of me. couldn’t you have waited?” he asked, trying to sound affronted.

jonghun just kept smiling, pulling away enough so he could nuzzle the nape of seunghyun’s neck with his nose before returning back to his previous position. “you were taking too long,” he said instead.

seunghyun scoffed. “i was just about to walk out. you could’ve waited like, three seconds.”

“liar,” jonghun said, slowly detaching himself from seunghyun’s body and wrapping a hand loosely around one of seunghyun’s wrist, turning him towards him and away from the mirror. “you were going to spend the next two minutes at least telling yourself you don’t look good in the outfit before taking it off and changing back into your other clothes.” he continued, taking a step back before raking his eyes down seunghyun’s body, taking it in.

seunghyun felt nervous under his gaze, and he fidgeted as best as he could when one of his arms was held out in front of him. jonghun’s thumb would swipe carefully over his pulse point every few seconds as he looked seunghyun over, starting from the top of seunghyun’s head all the way down to his toes and back up. after a few tense moments, seunghyun started tugging his arm back, making a move to take the clothes off. jonghun stopped him, though.

“it doesn’t look bad, seunghyun,” he started, eyes meeting seunghyun’s and seunghyun was surprised to find that jonghun’s pupils were dilated. “you look--fuck, seunghyun. you look really good.” seunghyun flushed at that, ducking his head and tugging at the hem of the shirt, frowning down at his socked feet. jonghun made a noise of irritation and stepped forward, thumb and forefinger catching his chin and tilting it up so that he was facing him. seunghyun swallowed.

“i’m being serious. you look really, really good,” jonghun smiled, one of his softer ones that was usually reserved for when seunghyun said something particularly disgusting in regards to their relationship. “it’s kind of irritating, actually. i mean, damn, do you have to make even the simplest of outfits look good? it’s annoying how perfect you are.”

“but i’m not,” seunghyun blurted, pulling away from jonghun’s hold and letting out a long breath. “i’m not perfect, not in the slightest.” he pursed his lips, balling his hands into fists to keep them from shaking. he felt sick every time his eyes caught his reflection in the mirror.

jonghun was in his face in the blink of an eye, one hand pressed firmly against his chest and the other curling around seunghyun’s thin hip, pushing him until his back hit the door of the dressing room. his lips were on seunghyun’s in an instant, a hard press of lips that was less about dominance and more about shutting seunghyun up. it worked, for the most part and when jonghun broke away, seunghyun was dazed. he blinked his eyes owlishly at jonghun, confused for a moment. “what was that--”

“you are perfect, alright?” jonghun started, and he was so close that seunghyun could feel his breath dancing across his chin, could smell the popcorn from earlier. his expression was serious. “you’re perfect to me, seunghyun. you are beautiful, to me, and i’ll remind you of that fact every single day until you believe it, alright?”

seunghyun flushed, nodding dumbly and feeling like an idiot for doing this now of all times. “i’m sorry i ruined--”

“shut up, you don’t need to apologize. and you didn’t ruin anything.” jonghun pursed his lips, taking a step back to give seunghyun some breathing room, warm hands smoothing over the creases he made in the shirt when he shoved seunghyun against the wall. “now that that’s out of the way,” he said again, offering seunghyun another big smile, eyes nearly disappearing from the force of it. “you still have five other outfits to try on and i’ll be damned if you don’t model them for me, song seunghyun.”

seunghyun couldn’t do anything but nod again, lips tugging into a slow smile as he stepped off the wall. when jonghun turned to leave the small room, seunghyun stopped him with a hand on his wrist, tugging him forward until their chests bumped. seunghyun kissed him slowly, lips moving languidly against jonghun’s before pulling away silently. “thank you,” he whispered, feeling jonghun’s lips brushing against his own. it took everything in him to resist pushing jonghun against the mirror and show him how thankful he was..

as if reading his thoughts, jonghun pulled away with a laugh, closing his fist around the doorknob and pulling it open. he shot a smug smile over his shoulder as he stepped out of the dressing room. “we’re in public, seunghyunnie. what would your fans think if they knew what went on that pretty little head of yours?”

seunghyun scowled as jonghun’s laugh bounced off the walls, the door clicking shut behind him. “you’re an asshole, choi jonghun!” he snapped, shaking a fist at the closed door.

“oh, just shut up and take your clothes off!”

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