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fingerbangin' my heart | hunyeol

title: fingerbangin' my heart
pairing: hunyeol
rating: nc-17
wordcount: 2,347
summary: chanyeol fingers sehun. that's it.
notes: unbeta'd and written at 4am because i'm stupid. idk what happened, one minute i was talking about horror games with friend and the next i had the first line stuck in my head and i'm so so ashamed and i hate myself and WHO WRITES 2K OF FINGERING and i'm like 8000000% sure this sucks because forever an awkward virgin and oh MY GOD WHO LET ME ON THE INTERNET I HATE MYSELF.

with that in mind. enjoy.

chanyeol’s got two fingers pressed inside sehun, down to the knuckle and crooked just so, when the younger grunts and snaps his hips back, pushing the digits in further so they brush against his prostate. chanyeol tsks, slowly wriggling his fingers before extracting them from the smaller’s body, large palms coming to rest on the swell of his ass. he massages them for a moment, slick fingers kneading the flesh, pushing the cheeks together before spreading them apart. sehun grunts again, shoulders shifting as he moves around, pressing his cheek against the pillow and shooting chanyeol a glare. the older just grins wider, brushing against sehun’s entrance with his thumb before circling it slowly, watching the muscles flutter, attempting to suck the digit inside.

he’s usually a talker, always filling the silence with words and phrases that would shame his mother if she knew he uttered them, but when’s got sehun so pliant beneath him, he can never seem to find the words.

it’s his favorite part, really, watching the way sehun’s normal indifferent attitude breaks away until he’s a writhing, begging mess beneath him, plump lips swollen and red from kissing. he likes to listen to the noises sehun makes, desperate sounds that chanyeol is forced to rip from his throat, noises that go straight to his cock, making him harder than he could ever possibly think he could be. taking sehun apart piece by glorious piece is something that requires all of his focus and energy, and spending the required effort to speak isn’t worth it.

it’s been months since they had the time to do this, and chanyeol wants to milk it for all its worth.

he’s staring, thumb still slowly circling the younger’s entrance and occasionally dipping in, pulling these little gasps from sehun every time it sinks in further. he grins, using his other hand to reach for the bottle of lube lost in the sheets, carefully uncapping it with his free hand before taking the other away. sehun whines high in his throat when chanyeol stops touching him, eyebrows knitted together in frustration and mouth parted as if he’s about to speak. chanyeol shoots him a look and it snaps shut, bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he bites down on the flesh. chanyeol presses a kiss to his right cheek as a reward, tongue lapping over the skin before he nips lightly, watching the way the pale flesh darkens into a soft pink.

“you’re being such a good boy, sehun-ah,” he rumbles, grin wide as he finishes warming up the lube, fingers slick and wet as he grips sehun’s globes again, spreading them apart. sehun moans in response, pushing back on chanyeol’s large palms while simultaneously trying to rut down against the sheets. chanyeol squeezes the flesh between his hands before slowly inching his right hand closer, teasing around the younger’s entrance before slowly sinking his middle finger inside. sehun’s hole sucks it up instantly, walls quivering around the digit as he moans loudly. chanyeol bites his lip at the sight, slowly working the finger in and out, watching the way it disappears inside sehun and wondering how good it would look if it was his cock. he shakes the thought aside when he crooks his finger, wriggling it around until it brushes against sehun’s prostate. he practically beams when sehun sobs out a moan, sounding wrecked and already so far gone. they have all the time in the world for this.

he slowly pulls his middle finger out until just the tip is in, massaging against sehun’s inner walls before his index comes up to join it. he sinks his teeth into skin just above sehun’s crack, pleasure singing through his veins when sehun shudders beneath him. he’s slowly pushing the fingers in when he asks, voice barely above a whisper and ghosting across sehun’s skin, “do you think you could come from just my fingers?”

chanyeol watches as sehun’s face scrunches up, bottom lip getting released from his teeth as he chokes, eyes screwed shut. his shoulders are tense and his hips are pushing back, taking chanyeol’s fingers in as far as they can go. chanyeol pauses once they’re in, free hand gently massaging sehun’s thigh, lips pressing careful kisses along his lower back. “well?” he asks, tonguing sehun’s crack.

sehun mutters something under his breath, probably a curse or a snide remark and chanyeol sinks his teeth into his skin in response, waiting for sehun to relax enough to speak. the younger carefully shuffles his shoulders, pressing his palms against the bed and fisting the sheets before turning his head the rest of the way, eyeing chanyeol. he moves his fingers just as sehun opens his mouth to speak, reveling in the broken off moan he gets in response and nearly laughs when sehun pins him with an irritated glare.

he nudges against the bundle of nerves again and sehun groans before speaking, “fuck. i don’t know, christ, just do something already.” he moves his arms so they’re wrapped around the pillow, pulling it closer to his face. he pants against the case and chanyeol notes the damp spot on it, knows that sehun must’ve been biting on it to keep the noises in. he tears his eyes away from the sight, raking his gaze down the curve of sehun’s back before humming. he starts pulling the fingers out, palm flat against sehun’s lower back to keep him still, before thrusting them back in, curved at just the right angle. sehun practically screams, nails catching the fabric of the pillowcase as his body jerks forward. he rotates his fingers carefully as he pulls them out again, tracing around the ring of muscles before he’s pulling away.

the whine sehun lets out cause chanyeol to pause in his actions. he takes in the younger’s form briefly, eyeing the pale expanse of skin appreciatively before squeezing one of sehun’s bony hips. “shh, sehunnie,” he whispers, leaning over so his chest is pressed against sehun’s back, his erection brushing against sehun’s ass. he has to bite back his own moan at the friction, lips pulling sehun’s earlobe between his teeth and sucking lightly. “i’m not going anywhere.”

he spends a few moments pressed against sehun, rutting against his backside lightly as he peppers kisses along the youngers neck and shoulders. he even wraps an arm around his waist, stroking sehun’s length in a loose circle to help take away some of the pressure. sehun’s panting beneath him, pushing back on chanyeol’s hardness and thrusting forward into his hand in an attempt to get more friction. chanyeol chuckles against his skin, tongue carefully mapping out sehun’s shoulder blades before he pulls away again.

before sehun can make any noises of protest, chanyeol’s got his hands wrapped around the other’s hips and is carefully guiding him onto his back. he presses sehun back into the pillows, taking in the sight of the younger’s body. he’s flushed all the way down his neck and across his chest, nipples dark against the pale expanse of skin. chanyeol brushes a slick finger over one of them, marveling in the way sehun’s body arches into the touch, lips parting to let out a small gasp. he rakes his nails carefully down sehun’s sides as his eyes travel lower, stopping when he sees sehun’s cock; angry red and curved against his stomach. he’s leaking precome all over himself and chanyeol pauses to run his thumb along the mess, spreading it into sehun’s skin further before give sehun a few good pumps.

he’d be perfectly fine getting sehun off this way, and he has on countless occasions, but chanyeol’s in the mood for something different and making sehun squirm is his favorite pass-time. he lets go of sehun’s cock with a little bit of hesitance, hands traveling lower as they smooth across his thighs, spreading his legs further so chanyeol can fit easily between them. the sight of sehun’s hole, still stretched and wet, has his mouth watering and sinking two fingers into the smaller man in an instant, left hand coming up to cup sehun’s balls. the response is instantaneous, sehun’s entire body arching off the bed at being filled again, panting growing louder as his cock twitches. chanyeol presses a kiss to one of sehun’s knees, carefully working his fingers inside him before he’s pulling back and pushing a third in.

the slide is easy, sehun’s hole glistening with lube at this point. he chokes out a sob when chanyeol presses all three digits against his prostate, massaging it slowly before the fingers are spreading, scissoring him open wider. sehun’s own hands come down to his legs, fingers curling around under his knees and pulling them up against his chest, spreading himself wider for chanyeol.

chanyeol’s left hand drops from where it was massaging sehun’s sack, the heel of his palm pressing at the base of his erection to keep from coming early. the sight alone is enough to make him come, especially with how wound up the both of them are. he grips the base firmly, forming a tight circle around it as he thrusts his fingers in and out of sehun. he picks up the pace rapidly, feeling the way his wrist clenches and cramps up at the motion, but he wants to see how much sehun can take, see if he can come from just his fingers alone. he lets go of his own dick in favor of running his hand up the back of sehun’s thighs, scratching lightly at his skin while he fucks him with the other one. sehun’s making positively lewd noises at this point, chest heaving as he sucks in shaky breath after shaky breath, muscles tensing and clenching as chanyeol aims for his prostate every time.

he pauses the actions when sehun’s near the edge, moving so he’s hovering over the younger, face to face with him. his free hand comes up to cup sehun’s cheek, moving to curl around his jaw until the other’s eyes flutter open. his pupils are blown wide, eyes clouded with lust as he meets chanyeol’s heated gaze, and chanyeol dips down until their lips meet. the kiss is messy and unorganized, teeth clacking together and catching on lips. when sehun’s sufficiently distracted, chanyeol pushes his fingers back in, hips pressing down to meet sehun’s. sehun’s voice cracks on a moan and chanyeol eagerly swallows it, teething pulling at his bottom lip before pulling away. “are you gonna come for me, sehunnie?” he asks, voice low and rough. sehun moans in response, arching his body up to meet chanyeol’s as he pushes back on the digits, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he blinks open his eyes again. chanyeol curses at the sight, dropping his head to suck bruises into sehun’s neck, pumping his fingers in and out of the other at an unrelenting pace. his wrist is already protesting the movements, twinging in pain at every twist, but sehun’s already close, cock swollen and red, twitching every time chanyeol’s fingers hit the soft, spongy tissue. chanyeol grunts when he presses his hips down against sehun’s, pressing his forehead against the younger’s collarbones before wrapping his lips around the pert nipple. he teeths it carefully, tugging on it every time his fingers thrust back in, and sehun’s a wreck. he’s trembling beneath him, sucking in ragged breaths that chanyeol rips away from him with every crook of his fingers, and he’s so close

chanyeol lets the nub fall from his lips as he pushes himself up, erection brushing against sehun’s thigh and making him shudder. he curls his fingers inside sehun again, rocking them carefully before pulling back. sehun’s writhing in the sheets, fingers gripping them so tight his knuckles are white, and he shoots chanyeol a withering glare. “don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop,” he seethes before tossing his head back with a moan, hips snapping down on chanyeol’s fingers. he’s fucking himself on the digits when chanyeol puts a palm on his hip to stop him, carefully lining up his pinky to join the other three fingers. as soon as he lets up on his hold, however, sehun’s hips slam down on the digits and chanyeol curls them, finding his spot again. sehun screams, back arched so beautifully that only his head is touching the mattress, and he’s coming in long spurts across his own stomach. chanyeol pumps his fingers in and out of him, working him through his orgasm until sehun slumps on the bed, spent. a foot pressing against chanyeol’s side is all he needs for him to pull his fingers out, stretching them wide before wiping them on the sheets.

he leans over sehun again, pulling him into a slow kiss before taking himself in hand. he jerks himself off in quick, shallow strokes, twisting his wrist and pulling before swiping the head with his thumb. sehun’s tongue curls around his own at the same time he lifts a hand, covering chanyeol’s dirtied one with his own before pushing it away. chanyeol moans into sehun’s mouth at the feeling of his long fingers on his swollen cock, reaching up with his dirty hand to cup sehun’s cheek, dipping his tongue in further and licking the roof of his mouth. he comes with a groan all over sehun’s stomach, adding to the mess he had made earlier before slumping next to him. they spend a few moments regaining their breath, the only sounds in the room their panting, and chanyeol turns to face sehun with a shit-eating grin. sehun glares in response, huffing as he slaps chanyeol’s bicep before turning over so his back is to the older. chanyeol just hums again, slipping his arm around sehun’s waiast and dipping his fingers into the mess, spreading it around on his skin and pressing a kiss to the curve of sehun’s shoulder.

“so do you think you can go again?”

sehun kicks him off the bed.

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