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i didn't read through this, and i wrote it at 2am. it's also almost 3k because i'm stupid and don't know how to write short things. but uh. yeah.

this was a bad idea. a very, very bad idea that minseok regrets more than he's regretted anything in his life. more than he regrets that time he confessed to juri in front of all of their kindergarten class and got a resounding rejection. more than that time when he accidentally kicked his soccer team captain in the nuts and made a joke about kicking the wrong balls.

he shouldn't have come here.

he also shouldn't have accepted that drink baekhyun pressed into his hand the moment he stepped foot inside the house.


halloween was always a fun time, especially when you're in college. it means not only candy, but alcohol, and parties, and sex, and every other form of debauchery there is. it means getting shit-faced and pissing in the bushes. it means dressing in the most revealing or uncomfortable of costumes and getting laid. it also, apparently, means forgoing any sense of right and wrong in favor of making out with your bestfriend.

minseok's not entirely sure how he got here, but he suspects the lingering taste of regret on the back of his tongue (the bit that luhan is trying to wipe away with his own, instead leaving behind the aftertaste of raspberry rum) has something to do with it. or the maybe the thumbs up chanyeol shot him after he all but shoved luhan into his not-so-waiting arms. it was all a bit of a blur, after that. he vaguely remembers stumbling up the stairs (or was it down?) half carrying, half dragging luhan with him. he doesn't remember finding an empty room, and he doesn't remember luhan shoving his tongue down his throat.

in the back of his mind, he knows it's wrong. luhan's his bestfriend, his teammate. they're closer than two peas in a pod, as cliche as it sounds, and luhan's drunk. well, he is too, but while minseok is bordering on drunk, luhan's barreled on past that and is reaching smashed status. he reeks of alcohol, and tastes of it, and minseok's dizzy. he has his hands on luhan’s chest, has for awhile now he thinks, and his mind struggles to get ahold of his surroundings.

luhan is hot pressed up against him, tongue working magic as he traces the backside of minseok’s teeth, making these broken off sounds like minseok’s the best candy he’s ever tasted. it’s doing things to minseok’s resolve, and the hands on his chest that are there to push him away are fisting the shiny fabric and tugging him forward. one of his thighs slip between luhan’s own of it’s own accord, and minseok flushes with how filthy luhan’s answering moan is.

luhan breaks away after a moment, sucking in a loud breath, tongue darting out to moisten his swollen lips. it’s dark, minseok realizes, but luhan’s lips are shiny with spit and he can’t seem to look away, can’t seem to focus on anything else. instincts drive him forward, but a hand on his chest keeps him pinned where he is, back against the wall (when did that happen?) and a chuckle fills the air. “you have no idea what you’re doing to me, do you?”

minseok can’t ignore how wrecked luhan sounds, voice thick with arousal. his already addled brain doesn’t catch up with the fact he isn’t slurring, too busy being distracted by the way luhan’s fingers flick and play with the buttons of his waistcoat. nails catch on the fabric and he vaguely thinks he should scold luhan, but his mouth is moving before his brain can catch up. “be careful, this cost a lot of money.”

luhan laughs, bright and cheerful and something in minseok’s chest tightens at the sound of it. he writes it off as effects of alcohol and makes a memo to swear the offending drinks off for good, but then luhan’s pressing in close again, lips just barely ghosting along his own and his brain stutters to a halt. he can feel luhan’s smile against his lips, feel the heat radiating off of him, and he wonders why he waited so long to do this.

“always the charmer, kim minseok.” luhan jokes, punching minseok lightly in the chest and grinning against his mouth. he leans in the rest of the way, covering minseok’s mouth with his own and nibbling at his bottom lip, tugging on it slightly. minseok’s head spins when luhan’s tongue darts out to sooth over the skin, and his mouth is moving before his brain can catch up.

“i’m not minseok,” he says, sounding petulant. luhan pulls back enough to raise an eyebrow at him, moving to dive back in. “i’m james bond.”

luhan laughs loudly at that, so hard he has to bury his face in minseok’s shoulder, body shaking with the force of it. minseok’s confused as to why that’s so funny, but it doesn’t take him long to join in on the laughter. it’s halloween, they’re drunk, and he’s making out with his bestfriend. it’s hilarious, in a way.

their laughter slowly trickles off until it’s just him and luhan, pressed up together in a dark room, the floor thrumming beneath them from the loud music. minseok swallows at the sudden realization of what they were doing, of who he was doing it with, and panic starts to set in.

it’s almost as if luhan reads his mind because then he’s pulling away, pressing his hands to minseok’s chest as he glances up. the look in his eye is unreadable, intense in a way that only luhan could ever be, and he’s worried for a moment that they just ruined whatever they had between them. he wants to say something, maybe apologie and blame it on the alcohol, but luhan’s lips are curling into a smile has one hand creeps up minseok’s chest, fingers curling delicately around minseok’s bowtie. “you really have no idea.”

he doesn’t give minseok a chance to let the words sink in before he’s back on him, this kiss harsher than the last. his teeth are biting at minseok’s lips as his hands travel up to fist in his hair, ruining all the work minseok had put into it prior. there’s a remark on the tip of his tongue about it, but luhan’s washing it away with every swipe of his tongue as he licks into minseok’s mouth, pressing closer until minseok’s sure he’s become one with the wall. his nails scrape along minseok’s neck as he parts for breath, whispering a hushed “bed” before he’s diving back in, dragging minseok with him as they stumble backwards.

minseok’s only slightly surprised when they land on one, luhan bouncing beneath him before he’s reaching out with anxious hands and pulling minseok on top of him. they kiss as hands push and pull, tear at fabric to get it off as quickly as possible. minseok’s head is spinning from all the shoving, dizzy with lust as luhan drags his tongue along his jaw line, teeth pulling at the skin of his earlobe. minseok manages (barely) to rid luhan of his shirt, eyeing the material in his hands before he’s being tugged back down by the lapels of his jacket. luhan’s sucking marks at the skin above his collar when he drops the shirt over the side of the bed, hands on either sides of luhan’s head. “what is your costume even?” he asks, breathless from kissing. luhan chuckles and wraps his arms around minseok’s neck, pulling him into a languid kiss as he wraps a leather-clad leg around his waist.

“a kpop idol, is it important?” minseok can’t find it in him to care, especially not when luhan’s arching up beneath him, their hips slotting together perfectly. minseok gasps when luhan does it again, glaring down at him before kissing him again, swallowing his laughter.

they both work at minseok’s costume together, pulling and tugging at the layers until he’s left with his dress shirt hanging open and his bowtie loose around his neck. he goes to take it off but luhan stops him, muttering a breathless “no, keep it on” before he’s dropping his hands down and pulling minseok’s belt off with a flourish. he slowly works luhan out of his pants, cursing the leather material when they snag on luhan’s hips. that’s when he notices that luhan wasn’t wearing underwear, and the sight of his cock flushed red and curving up towards his belly makes minseok’s mouth go dry.
luhan grunts and bucks his hips, the action nearly knocking minseok off of him, but cheers in victory when he finally kicks his pants off. he’s grabbing at minseok instantly, tugging on the button of his dress pants impatiently. minseok swallows, hands coming up to cover luhan’s own. luhan looks at him in questioning, tugging his lower lip into his mouth the way he does when he’s unsure, and minseok swallows again. “do you...are you sure?” he asks, trying to ignore the knot in his stomach. luhan just nods quickly, cheeks flushed as he rocks his hips up against minseok’s, gasping at the friction.

please” luhan whispers, fingers twisting underneath minseok’s own. the older nods, leaning down to capture luhan’s lips in a slow kiss. luhan’s moving beneath him again, pulling at minseok’s pants and whining before he gets the hint. he asks luhan if he brought anything and tries not to seem surprised when he nods in the affirmative, motioning towards his discarded pants. minseok works quickly, retrieving the condom and lube, trying his best not to think that maybe luhan had planned this with someone else. luhan doesn’t let him think too long, arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him down on top of him again.

they managed to get minseok’s trousers open, and he stands to push them down when luhan stops him again, huffing about their being “no time” before he’s turning over and getting on hands and knees. the sight stops minseok in his tracks, eyes pinned on luhan’s body as he half stands, half kneels on the bed. luhan goes about making himself comfortable, wrapping his arms around a pillow as he turns to look at minseok over his shoulder, once-perfectly styled hair falling into his eyes. “come on,” he whines.

minseok nods, quickly pushing his pants down to pool around his ankles as he hastily uncaps the bottle of lube. his hands are shaking and he’s not sure if it’s because of the alcohol or because of luhan, but it doesn’t really matter. he’s sinking a slicked finger into luhan when the younger moans, biting his lip. “i’m already--you don’t have to. minseok, please.”

“jesus,” minseok hisses, pulling back enough to slip two fingers inside. he crooks them lightly as he pushes in, heat flooding him at the noise luhan makes. he does it a few more times, more for his sake than luhan’s at this point, before luhan’s cursing and shaking beneath him, urging him to “just hurry the fuck up already”

minseok swats lightly at luhan’s ass at the tone before hurriedly tearing open the condom. he’s barely got it on and is slicking up his length when luhan’s pushing his hips back, swearing loudly. minseok swallows, lining himself up as he rubs softly at luhan’s lower back. he’s about to ask again if luhan’s sure, if this is what he wants, but then luhan’s shooting him a dirty look over his shoulder.

“just hurry up and fuck me already, minseok.” he snaps, and minseok’s slowly sinking into him before he finishes his sentence. his words break off into a low moan, forehead pressing against his forearm as his mouth hangs open. minseok’s already begun to sweat, the heat around his length making the room feel infinitely hotter than it did before, and he regrets not shrugging out of his clothes. he lets luhan adjust for a minute, sucking in deep breaths that hitch when luhan wiggles his hips before pushing back.

minseok takes the hint and slowly pulls out until just the head is inside before thrusting back in. luhan takes him to the hilt, moaning obscenely as his fingers tighten around the pillow case. minseok swears again, hands gripping tightly at luhan’s slim waist as he struggles to get his bearings. he pulls out again, thrusting in swiftly and carefully building up a rhythm. luhan’s just as vocal as he is outside of the bedroom, a fact that somehow surprises him as he pushes back in at the right angle, hitting luhan’s prostate, the action causing him to shout as he flings a hand back. he digs his fingers into minseok’s thigh, gripping him tightly as he urges minseok on, begging him to go faster, harder, there. fuck, minseok, more.

minseok complies, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the air as he grunts, luhan gasping and moaning beneath him. he’s surprised that luhan meets each of his thrust, snapping his hips back just as he’s thrusting in, and minseok wonders again why they haven’t done this before.

he knows he’s close when his hips start jerking, losing the rhythm rapidly. luhan doesn’t seem to care, not when he’s got his own hand working on his cock, fisting it in time to minseok’s thrusts. he’s not as loud, now, voice more gruff and abused than it was previously, and minseok feels proud knowing that he did that to luhan. he moves his hands from luhan’s hips, slowing down his thrusts until he’s rocking into luhan shallowly, pulling out needy whimper after needy whimper. he smooths a hand up luhan’s back and around his side until it’s pressing against his chest, hauling luhan up so he’s on his knees, thighs spread wide. he gasps when minseok’s fingers dance over his neck, gripping his chin to force him to turn his head. they kiss slowly, a mess of lips and tongues because the angle is awkward. minseok smirks against luhan’s mouth when he snaps his hips up, teeth pulling at luhan’s bottom lip as he quickly picks up the previous rhythm, drilling into luhan and brushing against his prostate with every thrust.

luhan’s gasping into his mouth, his hands moving to grab at his own cock before minseok slaps them away. he takes it in hand, stroking it slowly at first, finger brushing against the head and causing luhan to groan, pressing his back further against minseok’s chest. he reaches behind with one hand, back to gripping at one of minseok’s thighs while the other curls up behind him, fisting in minseok’s hair before dipping lower. his fingers curl into the thin material of his bowtie and he tugs, causing minseok’s hips to stutter as spots form in his vision. luhan chuckles, proud of himself, but his laughter turns into a drawn out moan when minseok tightens his fist around his cock and pulls harder, quickening his pace to match the speed of his thrusts.

it doesn’t take too long after that for luhan to spill all over minseok’s hand, body trembling with the force of his orgasm, the angle making it so minseok hit that spot inside him each time. every thrust after that sends shockwaves through luhan’s body, body oversensitive as minseok works towards his own release. luhan squeezes around the length inside him, feeling minseok’s hips stutter, and he pulls again at the bowtie around the older’s neck. it seems to do the trick because then his hips are snapping forward again before he stills, a muffled grunt and teeth biting into luhan’s jaw a clear indication that he came. minseok pulls out slowly, kissing softly at luhan’s shoulder as an apology for the oversensitivity before he ties the condom and tosses it in the wastebasket. they both fall to a heap on the bed, panting and heaving in the darkness as they lay there catching their breath.

they lay there, sweat cooling on their bodies and making them shiver, and minseok wonders if it should be this awkward. he doesn’t feel drunk anymore, and it’s not like either of them are drunk enough to forget this happened, and that knot in his stomach has come back. he thinks maybe he should get up and leave, and he sits up quickly, hurriedly pulling his pants back up. he’s almost got them buttoned up when luhan’s hand covers his own again, and he looks up to find the other watching him with his lip between his teeth.

they stare at eachother for a moment, and he thinks he should say something. maybe apologize and say that it wont happen again, but then luhan’s opening his mouth. “stay?” he asks, and his voice still sounds wrecked. minseok nods, swallowing thickly before sinking back onto the bed. luhan tugs him close, sighing happily as he presses his nose against minseok’s neck, grinning against the fabric of his bowtie as he fingers it lightly. they lay like that for a few minutes, slowly drifting off to sleep, when minseok realizes.



“this isn’t our house.”

“oh,” luhan laughs, then promptly breaks out into peals of laughter. minseok follows not long after.

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