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hunyeol | nc-17 | 3,280 words

idk where this came from. it's not really au and it's not really canon, though i was writing it to go along with arashijun's au thing that she hasn't posted. (no spoilers though. this is just pwp. really.)

it takes an hour of sitting in comfortable silence for sehun to work up the nerve to shift closer, pressing his thigh against chanyeol's own. the older doesn't move, doesn't even acknowledge the new closeness and sehun swallows, carefully regulating his breathing so he could work up the courage to move closer. another thirty minutes and the climax of the movie has finished, paving way for the happy, reunited ending that is so prevalent in media now a-days and sehun decides that it's time.

he steels himself before he pushes himself up, swinging his right leg over so he's straddling chanyeol's lap. the older is surprised at the action, eyes wide as his hands instinctively move to grip sehun's hips. sehun feels the warmth of his hands through the material of his jeans and he swallows again, attempting to will away his blush.

"you're blocking the screen," is all chanyeol says, carefully quirking up a brow at sehun as a smile threatens his face. sehun licks his lips, watching as chanyeol's eyes drop to follow the action and a sense of pride swells up inside him. he uses that to push himself forward, rocking his hips slowly before tentatively capturing chanyeol's lips with his own.

the kiss is slow at first, just lips on lips as they get accustomed to each other. he's not rushing so he takes his time, hands pressing against chanyeol's chest and fisting the fabric there. he lets out a shuddering breath when chanyeol swipes his tongue across his bottom lip, using the answering gasp to carefully push inside and coax sehun's tongue into action. the kiss deepens, slowly, as sehun practically melts into chanyeol's lap. the hands fisted in his shirt move to wrap around chanyeol's neck, nails dragging along the skin carefully before he's digging them into chanyeol's hair. it's grown out over the months and it's long enough for him to get a good hold, chanyeol moaning into his mouth when sehun tugs lightly.

they pause for air when it becomes apparent they need it, chests heaving against each other as they struggle to catch their breath. when sehun opens his eyes he's met with chanyeol's own, darkened with desire and mere inches from his face. sehun feels his cock harden in his jeans at the sight, knowing he's the reason that the look is there, and he shifts his weight again. chanyeol gasps at the action, fingers tight around sehun's hips before they slip down to grip his thighs. sehun feels heat pool low in his belly, and he'd be ashamed of how quickly he got it up if it weren't for chanyeol's own arousal pressing warm against his inner thigh.

sehun dives back in before he loses the nerve, tongue dipping into chanyeol's hot, waiting mouth and licking at the roof of his mouth. he traces along the back of his teeth before coaxing chanyeol's tongue out and into his mouth. he sucks on the organ at the same time he rolls his hips again, delighting in the way chanyeol's grip tightens and the rumbling groan that bubbles out of him.

any reservations chanyeol had were thrown out the window at the action, moving his hands from sehun's plush thighs to slide down and grip his backside. he digs his hands into sehun's back pockets and rocks him forward, pressing his hips up into the action. they both groan at the friction, their lips separating with a wet sound. sehun rests his forehead against chanyeol's own, warm breath fanning along chanyeol's cheek when he pants. they’re both focused on the meeting of their hips, gasping and moaning every time their clothed erections brushed against each other, and sehun's so hard it hurts.

chanyeol's hips jerk up at a particularly skillful roll and sehun moans loudly, one hand gripping chanyeol's hair and the other fisting the fabric of his shirt. "stop," he gasps, lips ghosting across the apple of chanyeol's cheek. "fuck, chanyeol, stop before i cream my pants." he tries again, wetting his lips as he fights for control, not wanting this to be over so quickly.

chanyeol does so reluctantly, loosening his death grip on sehun's backside as he leans back. his head lolls on the back of the couch as they catch their breath, pulling themselves back from the brink. chanyeol would've been fine with the dry humping, was completely content with getting off right there on the couch with sehun in his lap, but the younger obviously had plans. he'd be surprised if he wasn't distracted by the way sehun was mouthing at his jawline.

sehun bumps his chin with his nose to get his attention, dragging chanyeol into a wet kiss that lacks finesse. chanyeol goes to grip sehun’s hips again, to get more of that friction his body is craving, but sehun stops him with a hand on his chest. “bed,” he mutters, voice barely above a whisper as he pulls chanyeol’s bottom lip between his teeth, nibbling on it lightly. chanyeol nods and swallows, fingers curling under sehun’s thighs to get a good grip as he stands. he must’ve done it too quick because sehun lets out a high-pitched squeak and locks his ankles around his back, arms wrapping tightly around his neck. chanyeol chuckles and presses a kiss to the side of sehun’s head before quickly walking them into the bedroom.

he doesn’t bother turning the lights on, knowing sehun would just protest if he did, and drops the younger unceremoniously onto the bed. he bounces lightly, kicking out and hitting chanyeol’s shin while he glares at him. chanyeol tugs his shirt over his head and drops it to the floor before sehun’s sitting up, fingers digging into chanyeol’s sides and dragging him forward until he’s hovering over him, either hands pressed into the sheets by sehun’s head.

they kiss again, much slower than before. the sense of urgency is still there, but they both know the other isn’t going anywhere. chanyeol touches as much as he can, large hands dragging over sehun’s legs and over his chest before slipping his hands under the fabric of sehun’s shirt. the younger gasps at the feeling of his hands on his flushed skin, arching into the touch as chanyeol’s fingers skim over his ribs, brushing over his hardened nipples. chanyeol carefully pushes the shirt up until it bunches under sehun’s arm, the two parting long enough to get the article up and over sehun’s head before tossing it into the darkness. chanyeol takes his time touching sehun’s bare chest, making sure to go over every inch of it before he breaks from sehun’s sinful mouth, red and swollen from kissing.

he kisses his way down sehun’s neck and sucks a bruise into the skin over his clavicle, smirking at how responsive sehun was to the action. he grazes his teeth carefully over his sternum, dragging his tongue over the flesh until he reaches his left nipple. chanyeol swirls his tongue around the hard nub before nipping at it lightly, sucking it into his mouth. sehun moans and arches up into the touch, digging his fingers into chanyeol’s hair and pulling. chanyeol smirks around the nub and pulls off before blowing cool air over the wet flesh. he grins when sehun’s whole body shivers, pressing a careful kiss to it before switching onto the other one.

“come on,” sehun gasps, tossing his head back when chanyeol drags his teeth over the sensitive skin of his stomach. “christ, just fuck me already.” he swears, tugging on chanyeol’s hair and bringing him back so he can connect their mouths. chanyeol moans into his mouth when sehun reaches between them and grips his hardness through his jeans, causing him to rock forward into sehun’s impatient hand. they break apart after that, chanyeol sitting so he’s almost straddling sehun’s hips while they both work at ridding themselves of their jeans. chanyeol stands when he finally gets his open and pushes them down to his ankles, kicking them off. he’s kicking off his boxers when he looks up to see sehun has already wiggled himself out of his own jeans and has moved himself up so his head is pressed against the pillows. he’s already got himself in hand, stroking his length with slow, even pumps that has chanyeol growling and practically diving for the bed. he smacks sehun’s hand away and drags it up to pin it by his head, pressing a biting kiss to sehun’s lips as he does so.

“don’t touch until i say so,” he growls, nipping at sehun’s bottom lip when the younger gasps. chanyeol slots their hips together and rocks down slowly, relishing in the way their cocks glide together, sehun’s length slick with spit and precum. he moans into sehun’s neck at the friction, struggling to take control as sehun rolls his hips up again before spreading his legs, silently urging him on. “don’t move,” he orders and sehun nods, bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he watches chanyeol scramble around in the bedside table. he emerges with a half-empty bottle of lube and a foil packet, tossing both carelessly on the bed before resituating himself.

chanyeol curls his fingers around the back of sehun’s knees, spreading his legs and moving them so they frame his hips. he brushes a finger against sehun’s entrance to tease him, watching the way the muscles flutter at the touch. he wastes no time in slicking his fingers up, and he’s sinking one down to the knuckle when shimmies down enough to take sehun’s length into his mouth.

sehun nearly shouts, arms flying up to grip at the headrest at the sudden stimulating. chanyeol’s mouth is impossibly hot around him, the older’s tongue flattening along the underside of his length as he hollows his cheeks. chanyeol moves the finger in and out carefully, all the while sucking sehun’s cock further into his mouth inch by inch. he pulls back to lap at the head, tongue collecting the precum before wrapping his lips around and sucking. he takes half of sehun’s length in his mouth when he adds a second finger, quickly working them in and out, scissoring him open.

sehun lets one hand drop to grip at chanyeol’s broad shoulder, nails digging crescent shaped marks into the skin there while he gasps and moans, head tossed back when chanyeol’s fingers brush against his prostate at the same time he takes him all the way in. he pushes on chanyeol’s shoulder until his cock falls out of chanyeol’s mouth with an obscene pop, nails scratching marks into his shoulder while he rocks his hips down on chanyeol’s fingers and comes, white streaks staining his stomach and catching on chanyeol’s chin.

he struggles to catch his breath when he feels the shame set in, embarrassed that he came before anything really happened. he’s blabbering out apologies to chanyeol, trying to hide his face with his hands when chanyeol’s fingers slip from inside him. chanyeol pulls his hands carefully away from his face and sehun tries not to grimace, instead blushing at the smile on chanyeol’s face that almost seems fond. he presses a careful kiss to sehun’s forehead before capturing his lips in a reassuring kiss. “shh, sehun, it’s okay. we’ve only just started.”

the look in his eyes is wicked and sehun swallows, nodding quietly before chanyeol’s kissing him again. it really doesn’t take him that long to get hard again, not with the way chanyeol sucks on his tongue, or covers his chest in marks as chanyeol growls mine against each one. he’s already got his fingers slicked up again and is pressing them inside sehun when the younger gasps and pushes at his shoulder again, a silent signal letting him know he’s ready since words failed him the moment chanyeol’s tongue dipped into his naval.

chanyeol slips the condom on quickly, nearly tearing it in his haste as sehun urged him on with quiet fuck, hurry’s and please, chanyeol, i need you inside of me now’s. he’s in the process of slicking himself up more when sehun smacks his hand away and wraps his legs around chanyeol’s waist, dragging him forward until the head of his cock bumps against his perineum. sehun groans at the sensation, flexing his thighs against chanyeol’s waist before fixing him with a look. “are you gonna fuck me or not, hyung?”

chanyeol doesn’t let him finish his sentence, carefully lining himself up and pushing in before sehun can utter the last syllable. the words break off into a long, drawn out moan as chanyeol fills him, long length stretching him wider than chanyeol’s fingers. chanyeol grunts when he’s fully seated, falling to rest his hands on either side of sehun’s head while he waits for the other to adjust. sehun pushes his hips down when chanyeol doesn’t move, causing chanyeol to let out a startled gasp at the impossible tightness around him. he pulls out slowly, until just the head is in, before rocking his hips up, sinking deeper into sehun’s tight heat. they gasp in unison, sehun wrapping his arms around chanyeol’s shoulders and pressing his fingers into his shoulder blades. they build up a quick rhythm, sehun meeting each of chanyeol’s quick thrusts as he builds up speed. the sound of skin slapping against skin is drowned out by the noises sehun makes; loud, deep noises that shoot straight to chanyeol’s cock and only drives him forward faster. chanyeol feels beads of sweat gathering along his hairline and dripping down the side of his face when he angles his hips and slams forward, sending sehun further up the bed. the younger shouts when chanyeol’s cock hits his prostate dead on, the sensation ripping through his skin as chanyeol hits it dead on each time. sehun practically sobs when chanyeol finally gives him the go ahead to touch himself, his arm feeling like jelly when he takes himself in hand and strokes himself, trying to match chanyeol’s pace.
it’s at the same time too much and not enough and sehun feels tears prickling the corner of his eyes with frustration, the need to come overwhelming him. his cock is an angry red between his legs and he groans every time he tightens his grip, fisting himself as chanyeol hikes his legs further up his waist. the new angle allows him to go deeper, thick cock nearly splitting him open with every thrust, and sehun’s so close he can taste it.

“fuck, sehun, so good,” chanyeol grunts, pressing his forehead into the jut of sehun’s collarbone, licking at the salty skin there. he opens his eyes and sees sehun working himself, thumb swiping over the head and collecting a bead of precum, and chanyeol licks his lips. he reaches down with one hand, carefully balancing on the other and covers sehun’s hand with his own. sehun’s arm goes lax when chanyeol takes control, moving his hand over his cock in quick, rough strokes that have his toes curling. chanyeol thumbs at the head and presses into the slit, teeth biting at the skin of his chest, and it’s all it takes for sehun to come, body nearly arching completely off the bed with the force of it. he coats both of their hands and his stomach and chanyeol swears, sitting up to grip sehun’s hips and drive into him faster. the clenching of his muscles from his orgasm making it more difficult and chanyeol comes not long after, thrusting in deep before stilling. sehun rolls his hips down languidly to work chanyeol through his orgasm, whining in overstimulation when chanyeol gives a weak thrust before pulling out. he ties the used condom and tosses it in the trash bin before falling to lay beside sehun, grimacing at his soiled sheets.

sehun turns to look at him after a beat of silence, blonde hair plastered to his face with sweat, his eyes glazed over and lips a vibrant red. chanyeol smirks at the sight, laughing when sehun musters up enough energy to glare at him, swatting lazily at his chest before letting his arm rest there.

after they’ve calmed down and the sweat has cooled, chanyeol shifts until he’s laying on his side, head propped up with his clean hand as he regards sehun. the younger blinks open his eyes when he feels chanyeol’s stare on him and tries not to blush when he sees how intently he’s looking at him. “what?” he croaks, voice rough and abused. he ignores the way chanyeol’s eyes darken at the sound of it.

“not that i mind but, where did that come from exactly?” chanyeol asks, eyes taking in sehun’s face while the younger blushes. he turns away from chanyeol’s gaze, moving to sit up gingerly so he can clean the drying come off of his stomach before it chafes. chanyeol just encircles his waist with a long arm, pulling sehun’s weakened body back against his chest before nuzzling his neck.

“i don’t know what you’re talking about,” he grumbled, elbowing lightly at chanyeol’s chest before resigning himself to his fate. he felt chanyeol grin against his skin and his frown deepened.

“you’re a liar. you’ve been planning that for weeks, haven’t you? waiting for the perfect time so you could jump my bones.” chanyeol laughs at his own joke, watching as sehun moves so he’s laying flat on his back again. sehun avoids his gaze and chanyeol laughs harder, muffling the sound against the curve of sehun’s shoulder. “you totally have, haven’t you!”

sehun elbows him hard this time, lips quirking into a small smirk when chanyeol’s laughter breaks off into coughs. he schools his expression before chanyeol recovers and sniffs, pursing his lips. “so what if i have, does it matter?”

sehun’s expecting chanyeol to laugh more, the older always great at killing the mood, but he’s surprised to find chanyeol moving closer. he lifts his dirtied hand, chuckling when sehun glares at it, and carefully catches sehun’s chin with it, turning him so that they’re facing each other. there’s a snide remark on his tongue, ready to snap at chanyeol as he feels embarrassment burn on his cheeks, but the other just smiles before pulling him into a languid kiss. when chanyeol backs off, sehun brings him back in with a hand on the back of his neck, stealing kiss after kiss until any embarrassment he felt disappeared.

chanyeol wraps an arm around sehun’s shoulder and tugs him close until sehun’s resting his head on his chest. sehun was never big on cuddling, but chanyeol was warm beneath him and he felt himself smiling and relaxing into the touch, eyes fluttering shut.

“so, sehun,” chanyeol’s voice broke through the silence and sehun sighed, shifting so he could look up at chanyeol.

“what,” he muttered, narrowing his eyes at chanyeol lightly.

“did it go how you pictured it?” the grin cracked his face and sehun glared, scoffing when chanyeol broke out into laughter. sehun shoved at him before standing, ignoring when chanyeol made a grab for him with his long limbs. “aw, come on, baby, i’m just playing.”

“fuck off,” sehun grunted, pushing at chanyeol’s feet as he stalked towards the bathroom. he should’ve known chanyeol would kill the mood, again.

he’s just stepped under the spray of the warm shower when chanyeol slips in wordlessly behind him, hands slotting perfectly over sehun’s hips as he grazes his teeth along the curve of sehun’s shoulder. “ready for round two?”

sehun just rolls his eyes and shoves chanyeol back before turning and pulling chanyeol against him, mouth seeking his under the spray of the water.

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