Christmas mess

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how do future i do.

Okay, I have a dilemma. For the first time in my life I know exactly what I want do with with it and how I want to go about it. I feel confident in my decision, I'm constantly excited at the prospect of said decisions. And yet, I still have confusion.

I know my life plan for once. Sort of.

  • Get my GED/Highschool Diploma thing from FSCJ. 
Yes, I know, this must seem awkward. I didn't graduate highschool. However, tons of people haven't and just because I didn't, doesn't mean I'm like all those "drop outs" you here/see about. I refuse to let it hold me back. I had my personal reasons for the decision, and I will stand by them.
  • Get at least my Bachelors in Asian Studies, specializing in Korean.

I've always been a fan of the Asian culture, since I was a child. Everything about it fascinates me and I just want to experience it all. I used to want to focus on Japan/Japanese, but throughout my many hours wasted researching life over there, I realized I wouldn't be able to fit in like I wanted to. I would experience too much culture-shock, all at once. So, next best thing was South Korea. I've read so much information on it and I feel it's the best fit for me. (Sorry Japan.)

  • Move to South Korea and teach English there indefinitely.

This decision stumped me, honestly. I never once wanted to teach anything, ever. I'm not exactly cut out for teaching. I'm too shy, too awkward, and I hate people staring at me when I'm in the front of the room. However, the moment I learned of the prospect of being a teacher there, and watching countless videos about it, I realized it's something I could do, and do well. When I decided that yes, this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life, something changed. I was happy; excited, even. I have yet to ever feel this way about anything. I used to be like "oh I want to take Classical studies" but I realized all I could do with that was teach Latin, or maybe work in a museum. Which is interesting, but I don't feel like I'd be making a difference. It'd feel like a waste of a degree. So, Asian studies. Something I've always enjoyed, that's always brought me happiness, and something I'd be good at.

I'm quite good at learning languages.

Now, this is where the dilemma comes in. Universities. There are countless schools that offer the course I want, and they are perfect in every way. Except price range. Sure, scholarships, but I feel like the only one I'd be good for is the "first in the family to go to college" and that only covers so much. And I don't feel comfortable about student loans. (I clearly wasn't an excelling student in highschool, so that narrows down the scholarship search by a huge margin.)

But I'm determined. 

My dad gives me grief every time I mention something related to college, about the fact that I didn't graduate highschool. And I'm sick of it. One time, I actually yelled at him that I had a set goal, which shut him up. But then the realization of tuition, fees, and application fees hit me and it was just an overall feeling of "well, fuck."

Through my many, many, many hours scouring the interwebs, and the fact that I have lovely friends, I've found a college that would be absolutely perfect for me. Georgia State University. It has what I want, and is extremely cheap for me to go there, considering I'm out of state. And since I live in Florida, Atlanta isn't that far.

And I'm happy with GSU. One of my closest friends go there.

Except now I found Yonsei University, and found out their International school and the requirements to get in. And now I'm completely stumped. Yonsei isn't that expensive for me, either, and that, coupled with the fact I would be studying Asian Studies in Korea appeals greatly to me.

And now I have no clue what to do.

Should I go for the safer option, and stick to America? Sure, it'd be good because I'd be learning Korean anyway, but what exactly would I take from the course, since I wouldn't have that necessity looming over my head.

Or should I go for the more adventurous, terrifying option? Move to Korea and start my studies there, get completely immersed in the country instantly. I feel this choice would be better for learning the language, since I would have to use it constantly.

I just. I'm lost. I've decided what to do, but now there's a split in the road and I don't know what option to take.

Plus, I have no idea what it's like being an International student in S. Korea.